Perfect ft. King Caexar

from by Wavele$$

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This track was the longest one to get done, after recording it originally in the winter, I brought it back and flipped it to king caexar who wanted to remix it but as soon as I heard what he had to say on it I had to put it on the official track and bring it back to life.


It’s evident
Avoiding The Censorship
When we penning it.
Irrelevant tenant
Rotting in our Governments Tenements
We burn these promised lands
but the Salary is Calibrated
Put it in my hands.
And the tensions pretentious
I wanna know their intentions
Because I’m feeding the menaces
Swelling salivary glands
Step up then I’m finna call the cavalry man
I’m loving all the jealousy you’re mad at me man

Don’t say shit
No Patience

I’ve been feelin so Irrelevant and
Now I’ma gonna burn this shit down for the hell of it
Thought about a vision wanderin becomin elevant
Stompin on the motherfuckin floor like an elephant
Bridge burnin no turnin
Back from the furnace
Searchin for the universes
Waveless verses
The Hate and Hearses
Everybody’s worth it but…
You’re not Perfect

[King Caexar]
this flow kill it, like a limbo midget, pushin bars to the limits, nigga catch me outside, in a pajero or civic, if this bimbo visit with a fatty, bitch better pull them panties to the side, schizo phrenic, nigga piss gold liquid, and yo bitch gone drink it, to know what rich taste like,
"He so fast on the mic, Pat pass him a light to.."
roll the papers, cargo freighters, latest koga blazers, niggas fake as cake that made kim famous, dash of plastic, cash for bakers, seranade us, fill em with chocolate like sticks of wafers, pop it to entertain us, divorce papers, courts raid us, persuade us to share & juice our labours fruits, troops only cater to men of color, craig sager tailors, scare the neighbors, room invaders, hitch a bitch, whose crevice dark & deep as, moon craters, do us favors, dick shape is, big black & long as thon makers, hit the bong and chew the maynards, vapours make a nigga wanna wrestle gators
drop hot shit like manure in the bullpen, i cant label these bastards, they my children, mysoginistic caped crusader, side chick trainer for explicit favors, she young and timid, these bonds restrain her, she acting livid, these toes betray her, fidget, she enjoy every minute, y'all niggas might need to read the lyrics cuz... (your not perfect)

But who really is
Tryna find a reason ever since I was a kid
Aware of Nightmares in the Life that I live
Truthfully I’m Quite scared of The Land that I’m In
Ride for the Kids I’mma
Die for my kin
Tryna find the poetry in murder yet again
Tryna find a sewing needle
Sliding through the skin because
I’m different from the other people
Get it in your head.

Meditation over Medication, Okay?
Gonna stand up to the Devil today
Be patient, listen what I’m willing to Say
If there’s no Citizen who they billin today?
And if you drop that mask no villains today
If you break that mirror who you seeing today
It’s a Biased Axis Which that the earth spins
Turn the shit around because


from The Cherry Blues, released July 21, 2017
King Caexar's verse was recorded at KOGA Studios in Ottawa, Canada.
Wavele$$' verse was Self Recorded and mastered

Prod. Wavele$$



all rights reserved


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