Paradise ft. Jxsxn

from by Wavele$$

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Seek Paradise
Seek Hope
Seek Revenge


Paradigm in the Summertime
While I'm Paranoid that the end is nigh
And I'm outta time
I ain't satisfied
When the stars align
Cause left the right sides
Till I split my mind
Tryna find a diamond
ultra violet
Striving but Shining
In rags I am stylin
Im not compromising
Until I arrive in

Paradise x8
Sent by the rays of the sun
Bending da mind till it numb
Psychedelics till I'm bliss
Dig to the bones from the skin
Acupuncture thousand pins
Me and my Body be making amends
Mental Disconnection
The brain and heart that's within
Feelin this pain is like kicks to the Shin
Darker than bane throw it back and begin
Shards of the day in a nights labyrinth
I'm slicin the snakes when they start slitherin
Gotta a pair dice bouta roll it
In paradise I'm unfolding
Onto the past I was holding
Until I unveiled a new motive to travel to


My thoughts

Verse: Jason
Wavy Wavy Wavy Wavy
Tell me what to do
been living my way need a break from the day pullin up on the stage with a record to break
Cherry the blue get to skippin to the school never compromise getting paid
Summer time shit bang
All you fakes sound the same same
Holdin it down for my name
Insane thoughts my brain raw
Chopping down lyrical chainsaws
Praying with hate talkin sin fornciate
Stay pickin out my main flaws
Down on me knees yelling please god
Open the door to the chapel
Im lookin for babel the truth is the unraveled while goin to battle its war
My body be achin its sore
That paradise sound hella nice its what the boy lookin for
My Lord

See my spirit on the rooftop staring down
The world is looking at me scream but cannot hear the howl
And so I'm running away, peeling my face, digging a grave
Lone wolf in this bitch still I,
Still I feel my soul is ruthless head in the clouds

I can't take it, can't face it


from The Cherry Blues, released July 21, 2017



all rights reserved


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