Palm Trees

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About a friend.


If I may lay low
Would I take the chance
Will I hold my soul in the palm o’ my hands
And if I can’t decide if I’ll stay or leave
I’ma ride my way through the palm trees

Talkin summer 15,
Quite a few scenes
Quite a few memories and shoulders that I lean on
reminiscing while I dream on…
If you wanna see my vision, come and turn the screen on
And I was living for the moment
Now I’m reaching higher levels all the while I’m zonin
Rhythm painting butterflies and demons that are dormant
Coulda left you mortified, left you with a warning.
Old Soul
Old Soul
I remember you
But now I’m Burning all the Memories I spent with You
And if you ask me I would say I saw a friend in you
But you astray and now I wanna take the breathe from you.
But I can’t
And I wouldn’t
My conscious say that I shouldn’t.
while you stuck inside an odyssey
Never living honestly don’t
ever try to step to me and tell me that I couldn’t.

What I’m saying is I miss you
Meanwhile if I saw you I would hit you.
I could’ve set you free
Cause my energy’s Viridian when ridin through the...


Oh no, there I was again
Cowered in the corner, letting all the darkness in
It feels good. I can’t lie.
romanticizing the day I die
Oh lord come back, come back to me
No lord step back, step back from me
Lordy why you lettin wavy live in a catastrophe?
Runnin with the shadows hope my spirit makes a man of me
Wavy be the man of minute
Won’t die in the clinic
Crack lighter flicking spillin all the colors in my vision
Mind your business or you make the playa livid
Bringing darker intermissions of this dream a playa livin
Try to take my own space
Tryna find the will for some graces
Run it back, Run your way through bases
Can i Go back, go back to the basics?

Love my world while it's fallin apart
It's my best attempt to save face

Hello world
It’s been a bright ride
I’m quite addicted to the rhythm I abide by
plus when I’m quiet there’s a melody in my mind
Yes I was shy I realized I wasted my time
Then wrote a bible full of lullabies and vivid rhymes
Baptized by the spit and the wicked lines
Yea I seek my truth and to Nirvana I will soon Arrive
Dream of California coming for ya with a brighter sky

I’ve been feeling quite outstanding
Young Cherry Blue with a View worth the Glancing
When I lift the spirit leave the whole world Dancing
Changing up the groove with a mood I imagined
Quite Radical
Yeah we riding down
Every fuckin avenue and boulevard in town
Should of paid attention
When their hands became extended
Maybe it was for the better
But it never begged the question
If I may lay low would I take that?


I think I’ll be just fine.


from The Cherry Blues, released July 21, 2017



all rights reserved


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