nineteen (19)

by moving away from people

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tracks 1 and 4 are slated to appear on my debut s/t lp (summer 2017)
track 2 is a demo of a track on a future project, entitled HARM
track 3 is a b-side from an upcoming split (probably may 2017)
track 5 is some random demo

happy birthday


released May 7, 2017

all songs written/recorded/mixed by will



all rights reserved


Lost Tribe Music Poughkeepsie, New York

A Collective of Visionaries. Delivering music in an alternative yet ambitious way.

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Track Name: parking lot
we smoked a bowl in the back of a parking lot
i was trying hard to be something i was not
like funny, handsome, and worthy of your time
was it ok? i'm sorry i couldn't hold your eyes

cause i, i was scared
unsure of how much you cared
but i wanna be back there
oh god, i'm like a wild animal ensnared
Track Name: leave the lights on
i'm scared
i'll look back and you won't be waiting there
i'm scared
that when you choose that it's fair

to leave the room
you won't leave the lights on
cause when i fall asleep on you
you don't leave the lights on

i fear
that when you cover your face, you disappear
i fear
one day you'll stop smiling from ear to ear

you tell me if i'm scared
to leave the lights on
but one day i'll turn seventeen
and you'll scream at me
to turn the lights off
Track Name: agony
agony, take your precious time with me
there's nowhere that i need to be
and nowhere i feel safe
suffering, who got up and let you in?
i stay in bed so i know i didn't
but you still plague this place

i wanna die in a hurricane
wind and water sweep me away
death doesn't discriminate
no, i'm not afraid to dissipate
come take me any of these days
too scared to live with my frowny face
i'm over being bombed by the sun's rays
just let me down the drain
Track Name: yr head yr heart
the head is heartless
it tears apart this
sentence of positive sentiment
it will dissect but never know just what you meant

the heart is mindless
there's a hole and it finds it
and it fills it with infatuation, elation
until you're left praying for permanent vacation

if i was midas
i'd make myself righteous
would i end up gold, designed in your mold
or would i be forgotten as i turn myself to stone?
Track Name: if i walk backwards
i'd take two steps back
every time i thought i'd take
two steps forward

but the world is round
i'll make my way around
if i walk backwards long enough

and if the world is flat
i'll fall off and that is that
if i walk backwards long enough