The Cherry Blues

by Wavele$$

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The Cherry Blues.
A Project written by Wavele$$


released July 21, 2017

All tracks written & produced by Wavele$$
Recorded by Trevor Locke at Tlocke Studios

Special Thanks to:

Gabriella Wollesen

King Caexar
Training Season
GP x Tempest
Aion Gray
Zak Sober
Fendi Malone
Derek Daze
Dog King
Dan Watkins
Luke Morizet
Steve Serino
Frankie Abril
Zach Pidgeon
Dave Jones



all rights reserved


Lost Tribe Music Poughkeepsie, New York

A Collective of Visionaries. Delivering music in an alternative yet ambitious way.

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Track Name: Ledcyclist.
Feelin' so Cherry Blue
Difference 'tween Me & You.

We the Crooks so lets ride
Got a tape full of dreams for a long ride
LED inner wheels for a bride ride
come with me, I can be your Mr. Brightside

Why we listenin to what they say?
let us chill, lighting up in the sun rays
antidote, a higher dosage for a cold day
smokin potent, when i blow it, lose the headache

count my recollection of the memories in place
led lights inside of my wheels so i can keep my pace
when i see god, hope he finally comes clean and states my place
when its dark out i will come to be the killer not the prey

Feelin so cherry blue
difference tween me and you
what can i ever do
what can i ever do
stackin the revenue



Will a new wave rise when I die out?
Yelling "Fuck the World" from the stands when the lights out
Say I wouldn't then, close your eyes, cause I might now
Yet it all depends on the when and Why now
Lightin it up on the center view
fuck all the $$ lets blow it on paper view
funny how small shit ain't minuscule, playa.
Track Name: Radio
Sick of the Radio, Lakeside said it
Bumpin MC's on the HipHop Reddit
Hungry like the Wolf you're the hand that fed it
deadman's boombox, mad street credit
gone with the wind stress takes you if you let it so i try to keep it in
till i get it, get it
Rest underneath can't find no peace
so the blinds stay shut
late nights can sleep
best come to me, a safe bet at the least
from the old schoolyard to the place we'd meet

Ah, fuck, I get it imma work all day till I earn my credit
lights and the camera flash when I set it
there's a deadmans hotline, LT met it.

[Pre- Chorus]
Wanna take big steps, man
i wanna be bumpin on defjam
no alarm sittin pn the nightstand
sunny in the city but I'm feeling like the nightman x2

Send it out
Message spread through rollin loud
Live it Now
no more clouds we live the sound x2

Medicine bottle when a fiend hits the lotto
Studio space when i make thats a motto
Gloomy with the haze got the vocals feelin mono
all the sounds mellow but the heart stays hollow
help a fellow man get the rap game started
kicked out of bed guess home ain't where the hearts
potential legend but the mind stay modest
millennial tenant once said it now he got it
Track Name: Perfect ft. King Caexar
It’s evident
Avoiding The Censorship
When we penning it.
Irrelevant tenant
Rotting in our Governments Tenements
We burn these promised lands
but the Salary is Calibrated
Put it in my hands.
And the tensions pretentious
I wanna know their intentions
Because I’m feeding the menaces
Swelling salivary glands
Step up then I’m finna call the cavalry man
I’m loving all the jealousy you’re mad at me man

Don’t say shit
No Patience

I’ve been feelin so Irrelevant and
Now I’ma gonna burn this shit down for the hell of it
Thought about a vision wanderin becomin elevant
Stompin on the motherfuckin floor like an elephant
Bridge burnin no turnin
Back from the furnace
Searchin for the universes
Waveless verses
The Hate and Hearses
Everybody’s worth it but…
You’re not Perfect

[King Caexar]
this flow kill it, like a limbo midget, pushin bars to the limits, nigga catch me outside, in a pajero or civic, if this bimbo visit with a fatty, bitch better pull them panties to the side, schizo phrenic, nigga piss gold liquid, and yo bitch gone drink it, to know what rich taste like,
"He so fast on the mic, Pat pass him a light to.."
roll the papers, cargo freighters, latest koga blazers, niggas fake as cake that made kim famous, dash of plastic, cash for bakers, seranade us, fill em with chocolate like sticks of wafers, pop it to entertain us, divorce papers, courts raid us, persuade us to share & juice our labours fruits, troops only cater to men of color, craig sager tailors, scare the neighbors, room invaders, hitch a bitch, whose crevice dark & deep as, moon craters, do us favors, dick shape is, big black & long as thon makers, hit the bong and chew the maynards, vapours make a nigga wanna wrestle gators
drop hot shit like manure in the bullpen, i cant label these bastards, they my children, mysoginistic caped crusader, side chick trainer for explicit favors, she young and timid, these bonds restrain her, she acting livid, these toes betray her, fidget, she enjoy every minute, y'all niggas might need to read the lyrics cuz... (your not perfect)

But who really is
Tryna find a reason ever since I was a kid
Aware of Nightmares in the Life that I live
Truthfully I’m Quite scared of The Land that I’m In
Ride for the Kids I’mma
Die for my kin
Tryna find the poetry in murder yet again
Tryna find a sewing needle
Sliding through the skin because
I’m different from the other people
Get it in your head.

Meditation over Medication, Okay?
Gonna stand up to the Devil today
Be patient, listen what I’m willing to Say
If there’s no Citizen who they billin today?
And if you drop that mask no villains today
If you break that mirror who you seeing today
It’s a Biased Axis Which that the earth spins
Turn the shit around because
Track Name: Polo
I wanna know all your names
I wanna ask if you're feeling fine
because I'm feeling like I'm all alone
in crowded rooms that I'm divided by

My Hoodie's up I'm rollin solo gotta catch the wave
I'm so caught up in wearing polo when I'm tryna fade
I never answer when my Motorola starts to ring
call me back, call me back I didn't catch your name

Way.. back... then,crew in a smoked up tent
never knew about rent
never had no debt
never had no debt
back then no

In hindsight, love for the long nights
drunk for a fist fight
inside jokes
I miss those times
worried when it's alright
questioning your mind
not so simplified

You think it never ends
one day it just might
Back then, the only question,,
"What would a young boy do for a Klondike?"

Feelin pretty moody wanna call it a day
the beat is freaky groovy should I throw it away?
Life is not a movie you can't pause it to stay
Same ish, Same Shit, New Money, New Day
Shoulda stayed divided by the lights in the room
Starin at the ceiling all these colors elude me
I hear the homies gonna try and turn a new leaf
gone with the wind
gone with the wind

Down the avenue
wheres the revenue
could a check to you
where's my pedestal
livin under rule
feelin minuscule
tryna find the truth

not a mannequin
never vanishing
good accomplishments
holy Vatican

always lookin modest yet my mental remain adamant
Track Name: Sweet Tea ft. FlyRae
Hook [Wavele$$ & FlyRae]

Got a Sweet Tea
With some Blue Dream
a lil L$D (Lucy In the $ky with Diamonds)
Some Cortery Blue
Yeah I'm Cherry Blue
and when I'm harping off to you imagine otherworldly views
yeah I'm cherry blue
yeah I'm cherry blue

Gotta take a second I'm fine
pause it and then I rewind
pretty sick of falling when I climb
hallucinating in the mind and I'm losing the time
there's no tune when I die
so I sing till I fly
it's between you & I
Ice Cold Sweet Tea Lemon Flavored Beauty


[Verse: Flyrae]

Tea goin down my throat
haze on the lungs when I smoke
gotta get a flavor when I toke
Smoke so smooth I don't choke
my throat is dry pass me the coke
sweet tea is in my coat
!hold up!
I need a coca cola
need more money for my quota!


Ice Cold
Sweet Tea
Lemon Flavored beauty x3
Ice Cold Ice Cold Ice Cold Ice Cold x1
Track Name: Palm Trees
If I may lay low
Would I take the chance
Will I hold my soul in the palm o’ my hands
And if I can’t decide if I’ll stay or leave
I’ma ride my way through the palm trees

Talkin summer 15,
Quite a few scenes
Quite a few memories and shoulders that I lean on
reminiscing while I dream on…
If you wanna see my vision, come and turn the screen on
And I was living for the moment
Now I’m reaching higher levels all the while I’m zonin
Rhythm painting butterflies and demons that are dormant
Coulda left you mortified, left you with a warning.
Old Soul
Old Soul
I remember you
But now I’m Burning all the Memories I spent with You
And if you ask me I would say I saw a friend in you
But you astray and now I wanna take the breathe from you.
But I can’t
And I wouldn’t
My conscious say that I shouldn’t.
while you stuck inside an odyssey
Never living honestly don’t
ever try to step to me and tell me that I couldn’t.

What I’m saying is I miss you
Meanwhile if I saw you I would hit you.
I could’ve set you free
Cause my energy’s Viridian when ridin through the...


Oh no, there I was again
Cowered in the corner, letting all the darkness in
It feels good. I can’t lie.
romanticizing the day I die
Oh lord come back, come back to me
No lord step back, step back from me
Lordy why you lettin wavy live in a catastrophe?
Runnin with the shadows hope my spirit makes a man of me
Wavy be the man of minute
Won’t die in the clinic
Crack lighter flicking spillin all the colors in my vision
Mind your business or you make the playa livid
Bringing darker intermissions of this dream a playa livin
Try to take my own space
Tryna find the will for some graces
Run it back, Run your way through bases
Can i Go back, go back to the basics?

Love my world while it's fallin apart
It's my best attempt to save face

Hello world
It’s been a bright ride
I’m quite addicted to the rhythm I abide by
plus when I’m quiet there’s a melody in my mind
Yes I was shy I realized I wasted my time
Then wrote a bible full of lullabies and vivid rhymes
Baptized by the spit and the wicked lines
Yea I seek my truth and to Nirvana I will soon Arrive
Dream of California coming for ya with a brighter sky

I’ve been feeling quite outstanding
Young Cherry Blue with a View worth the Glancing
When I lift the spirit leave the whole world Dancing
Changing up the groove with a mood I imagined
Quite Radical
Yeah we riding down
Every fuckin avenue and boulevard in town
Should of paid attention
When their hands became extended
Maybe it was for the better
But it never begged the question
If I may lay low would I take that?


I think I’ll be just fine.
Track Name: Paradise ft. Jxsxn
Paradigm in the Summertime
While I'm Paranoid that the end is nigh
And I'm outta time
I ain't satisfied
When the stars align
Cause left the right sides
Till I split my mind
Tryna find a diamond
ultra violet
Striving but Shining
In rags I am stylin
Im not compromising
Until I arrive in

Paradise x8
Sent by the rays of the sun
Bending da mind till it numb
Psychedelics till I'm bliss
Dig to the bones from the skin
Acupuncture thousand pins
Me and my Body be making amends
Mental Disconnection
The brain and heart that's within
Feelin this pain is like kicks to the Shin
Darker than bane throw it back and begin
Shards of the day in a nights labyrinth
I'm slicin the snakes when they start slitherin
Gotta a pair dice bouta roll it
In paradise I'm unfolding
Onto the past I was holding
Until I unveiled a new motive to travel to


My thoughts

Verse: Jason
Wavy Wavy Wavy Wavy
Tell me what to do
been living my way need a break from the day pullin up on the stage with a record to break
Cherry the blue get to skippin to the school never compromise getting paid
Summer time shit bang
All you fakes sound the same same
Holdin it down for my name
Insane thoughts my brain raw
Chopping down lyrical chainsaws
Praying with hate talkin sin fornciate
Stay pickin out my main flaws
Down on me knees yelling please god
Open the door to the chapel
Im lookin for babel the truth is the unraveled while goin to battle its war
My body be achin its sore
That paradise sound hella nice its what the boy lookin for
My Lord

See my spirit on the rooftop staring down
The world is looking at me scream but cannot hear the howl
And so I'm running away, peeling my face, digging a grave
Lone wolf in this bitch still I,
Still I feel my soul is ruthless head in the clouds

I can't take it, can't face it